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West Texas Plume Agates

West Texas Plume agates are found about 25 miles south of Alpine, Texas, in the Big Bend area of Texas.  They used to be easier to find because the famous Woodward Ranch was open to rock hounds.  But since that ranch was sold, and other ranchers in the area have closed their ranches to rock hounds, West Texas Plumes are harder to come by now.  These agates are typically densely packed with lots of plumes, usually dark red or black with a translucent background.  Often the plumes are so dense the stones look very dark.  Yellow plumes are found, but they are rare compared to the red ones.  If you cut them into cabochons or slices, they show up beautifully when backlit to show off the plumes.  Grant collected these agates over 20 years ago when we lived in El Paso.