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About Grant Curtis

Grant Curtis is a native born Arizonan. He was born in 1941. Grant was first introduced to agate hunting at the age of eight in the late forties. He would accompany his father from time to time, to hunt the agates around  Clifton, Arizona. His father worked for Phelps Dodge Copper Company, which gave him time to hunt the famous Morenci Blue Turquoise along with the area agates. Grant still owns much of his fathers' collection.  One mountain Grant's  father hunted was Mulligan Peak, known for its purple agate. This agate was later made famous by the late Bessie Simpson. Mulligan Peak played a major role in Grant's many years of agate hunting.  It  became one of his favorite places to hunt agates. He has hunted the Peak hundreds of times in the last thirty years. Grant is familiar with most of the best agate locations on and near this mountain.

Grant is a former Viet Nam era helicopter pilot, and flew Cobra (AH-1G)  helicopters during that conflict. He retired in 1984 with twenty-two years service in the U. S. Army.  He still supports many veterans organizations.  In 1976 he was stationed at Ft Bliss, Texas, which gave him access to many agate fields for several hundreds of miles around.  He hunted many of them extensively, with great success.  His favorite locations are Mulligan Peak in Arizona, the Lordsburg agate fields, and several locations in Old Mexico. Some of the best locations in Mexico have been put on hold due to the drug wars.

Over the years Grant has taught himself  the fine art of flat lap polishing, refining the process through trial and error over many years. He can produce agates that are completely flat and with a polish that is museum quality or better. Many of the agates he has polished are portrayed in various publications. His process is secret and he does not advertise, except by word of mouth. He does not consider himself a master polisher, but instead feels that he has had a lot of experience.

Grant does have his own private collection which contains hundreds of fine agates. Should you by chance or on purpose pass near his home in Deming, New Mexico, drop by and see some of the best agates in the world. In addition to his personal collection, his shop holds hundreds of museum and collector grade specimens.

Grant Curtis has spent countless hours collecting agates on Mulligan Peak. Those hours inspired this poem.

The Grail

We opt to seek
on Mulligan peak
that we call the grail

But the mountain there
will make you swear
and think that you're in hell

The grail we seek
upon that peak
is purple in its hue

The agate there
is every where
yellow, red, and blue

But you'll leave it all
to answer the call
the grail entices you

The grail abounds
it's in the ground
dig it out you must

If you're not well
or somewhat frail
it's likely you will fail

The wind will blow
and chill your soul
most will just go bust

But fear you not
the luckless lot
who missed the purple hue

Just look around
it's easily found
there is a prize for you

Amazing grace
has touched this place
your treasure is the view.